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“You Know, You Know”Statement

When we use easy and overused phrases to describe complicated feelings, we find it difficult to communicate.
“You know” that.
Even if we reply on ideologies and arguments established by someone else, that does not mean we are truly understood by others regardless of how much they empathized with us.
“You know” that.
If we fear to bring change and obsess with maintaining the present, we don't gain anything.
“You know” that.
Unfortunately, we are imperfect. We “know,” but we prioritize our own desires and project ourselves onto simple categories for various reasons. Soon, we will unconsciously start fixing ourselves and others onto labels, and we won’t be able to change the status quo.
“You know” that.

I am not interested in categories anymore.
Rightists, leftists, the mentally ill, fujoshis, otakus and outlaws. Hermits, masochists, perverts, trauma, overused designs, familiar images, fantasy brought by paint and canvas. And all the others; I can handle no more.
Now that the Internet is normalized, our curiosity is never fulfilled no matter how long we surf the Internet for. All we are doing is just wandering around the deep sea of pre-existing categories.
I want to see something that is not categorized yet.
I want to see something that is not even named yet.
The essence of human beings exists within the instincts and the initial impulses that are not habitual.

As long as these categories exist, I will challenge them as a clown.
I will keep making fun of them with my annoying face.

Because, “I know” that “you know, you know.”

"Nothing is serious" Statement

Everyday which feels like vain and big problems all over the world, just think it’s a fiction.
Let’s face the world with stupidity, which tends to overthink about the problems and choking itself.
If it makes you crazy facing up to reality, take a distance and laugh at it.

That’s all I learned from my life.
Nothing is serious.


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