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Osamu Matsuda is graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts in 2009. Since then, Matsuda has been creating works using videos, objects and drawings based on the theme of “life” and “death,” employing motifs such as social issues, phenomenon and customs hidden in a society. So called negative presence, such as shut-ins and NEETS or battles and death in computer games, the view of life in virtual world which repeatedly played are also important theme in Matsuda’s creation. In his recent activities, he used his own upbringing and social issues in his works and displayed humorous attitude and vitality in solo exhibition “Nothing is Serious” (2015) and he presented the way to escape from already established ideology and values ironically in his latest solo show, “You Know, You Know” (2017). He also published DVD “Gatapishi!” created opening movie for theater production by Minamoza and participated in The Influencers Festival 2014.


1979 born.
2007 Bachelor of Oil Painting Department,Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
2009 M.F.A.,Department of Oil Painting,Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Solo Exhibitions
2018 “Living Message,” ARTZONE, Kyoto, Japan
   “Survival of Unfittest,” Alternative Space Core, Hiroshima, Japan
2017 “You know, You know” MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
2015 “Nothing is Serios” Gater Gallery,Tokyo
2014 “When the Ghosts Go Marching in”Art space zero-one,Osaka
   “PARAdiselost, PARAdise” MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
2012 “Niko-ichi”MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
2009 “Wolf,Boy,Video” MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo

Group exhibitions
2019 “Transplant,” MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo, Japan
   “beyond the reasons,” Komagome SOKO, Tokyo, Japan
2018 “NINGEN Restaurant,” Former Kabuki-cho Book Center, Tokyo, Japan
   “Ekkyo Suru Museum,” Kushino Terrace, Hiroshima, S-House Museum, Okayama
2017 “Ushimado Asia Triennale 2017“,Okayama
2016 「front and end」 TRANS ARTS TOKYO,Tokyo
   「EDITIONS++」MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
   「Cold body temperature」 LOOP HOLE,Tokyo
2014 「MUJIN-TO∞」MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
2013 「Chocolat de Fcyu」 LOOP HOLE,Tokyo
   「The Zoo Story」 Sonnentor Art Space,Taipei,Taiwan
2012 「Dokuro Kogyo」 TRANS ART TOKYO,Tokyo
   「F.E.S」 3331 Arts Chiyoda、Tokyo
2010 「Movement〜The first and last of a group exhibition at MUJIN-TO in Koenji〜」MUJIN-TO Production,Tokyo
2008 「Matsuda and Kuribara and Morimoto」 Otto Minzhem Gallery,Tokyo


2014 「The Influencers 2014」Spain,Barcelona
   「Abusive game」blanClass,Tokyo
2011 MINAMOZA 「Emotional Labour」THEATRE TRAM,Tokyo(Openning movie)


2011 「GATAPISI !」


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